XiaoMiTool 0.5

Enables changing and integrating ROMs on Xiaomi devices

Conduct repairs and maintenance of Xiaomi devices with the application controlling the process of integration and separation of the components via software processes. The program supports official and unofficial ROM models with the option to customize recovery procedures.

As the name implies, XiaoMiTool is a software program equipped with various functions that allow you, as a user, to manage files, install software or make changes to the operating system.
XiaoMiTool comes with a modern UI, one that it's very easy to navigate, thanks to its well-designed main menu and nicely crafted button icons. The only con is that sometimes the buttons feel a bit clunky.

Once you've connected your Xiaomi device, you can start playing with its numerous features. There is a function that allows users to unbrick their device by using both the fast boot and stock recovery to flash a stock rpm, wiping the data partition.

More, the program includes official ROMs, as well as autonomous fetching of device information and autonomous driver installation. It also includes a bootloader that helps customers to access their device as root and perform OS installations. However, the unlock procedure cannot be bypassed, so you have to bind your account to the device and wait for 15 days.

Last but not least, XiaoMiTool supports Windows, Linux and macOS and is compatible with MIUI devices and other Xiaomi devices.

In conclusion, XiaoMiTool is a cool software tool for all users who own a Xiaomi device and want to optimize it. It's free and it's easy to use, so you should give it a try.

John Saunders
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  • Includes official ROMs
  • Has autonomous fetching of device information
  • Comes with a fast boot and stock recovery


  • Buttons feel clunky
  • Requires 15 days to unlock the bootloader
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